Welcome to Future Steps Consultancy: Occupational Therapy for Children and Adults
Striving Therapeutically for Educational Progress and Success 

We are a social enterprise working with education, local authority, charities, parents/carers and health to provide high quality occupational therapy, in order to impact positively on the lives and wellbeing of children, young people and adults.

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Future Steps Occupational Therapy Consultancy works with schools, parents/carers, charities and voluntary organisations to provide occupational therapy and improve motor co-ordination difficulties in children, young people and adults. This social enterprise was established to ensure that, due to changes in the provision of Occupational Therapy in the public sector, we could continue to provide specialist occupational therapy services to children, young people and adults. We do this by providing occupational therapy treatment within our clinic, as well as providing education organisations and parents and carers with excellent training to enable them to run in-house occupational therapy programmes with excellent outcomes supported by the Future Steps occupational therapy team. Developing of the motor and sensory systems will allow the growth and development of gross and fine motor skills, handwriting, perception, self esteem, confidence and behaviour. We can offer assessments, screening, general advice re: behaviour, sensory processing, one off visits and programmes as well as training and motor programmes starting from nursery age right though to secondary school level, as well as individualised occupational therapy packages for children, young persons and adults. We can also provide or SMART and EARTH manuals which run alongside our programmes, containing step-by-step guidance. Future Steps Occupational Therapy Consultancy can also assist Specialist Schools in gaining Autism Accreditation.

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