Adult Assessments

Assessments for Adults

The aim of the assessment for adults is to identify difficulties in the adults with motor and sensory processing deficits which are affecting their daily ability.

Assessment Tools:

·       Bruinicks motor assessment- short/long depending on complexity of client

·       Clinical observation

·       VMI – full format

·       TVPS

·       Dash for over 17 – more complex

·       Sensory profile – to be completed (adolescent and adult)

The assessment could be conducted in Marchbank or another clinic setting of the clients choosing. Dimensions of the room available must be 30ft to 60 ft. in length and 12 ft. wide if the assessment is to occur outside of the Future Steps clinic.


Auditory Assessment and headphones and CDs with consultation and programme to assist.
Perceptual and Handwriting assessment with report.
Sensory profile and clinical observation with report

Home Programme If person has diagnosis as a child and appears to still suffer with co-ordination /sensory difficulties identified from our questionnaires then a home programme can be produced with a consultation appointment to ensure the client is aware of what to do. Programme to cover up to a 12 week period.


Individual Treatments

The aim of the treatments is to offer intervention to adults, altering their ability to function in aspects of their everyday life. Treatments are individually designed in connection with the assessment/sensory outcomes and will be discussed so it fits in with your requirements. Treatments can take place in the clinic or the home depending on your request.

Phone calls and meetings  Consultation/ liaisons/ feedback




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