Adult Difficulties

Do the following issues sound familiar? Do you have a difficulty you wish to overcome in any of these areas?

  • I have difficulty interacting with others
  • My daily functioning can be a concern
  • I have difficulty in making and keeping social and family relationships
  • I have behavioural challenges and have poor attention and concentration
  • I find it difficult to regulate my emotions
  • I have low/no self-esteem and lack confidence
  • I struggle to learn
  • Difficulty with physical activities and sports
  • I have speech and language difficulties
  • I struggle to organise my day
  • Jobs and the workplace have been difficult for me
  • School and education had always been challenging for me

As a child did you or were you…..

  • Overly sensitive to stimulation, overreacting/did not like touch, noise, smells, etc.
  • Easily distracted in the classroom, often out of your seat, fidgety.
  • Easily overwhelmed at the playground, during break and in class.
  • Having difficulty performing or avoiding fine motor tasks such as handwriting.
  • Appearing clumsy and did you stumble often.
  • Slow to learn new activities.
  • Have difficulty learning new motor tasks and prefers sedentary activities.
  • Have difficulty making friends (overly aggressive or passive/ withdrawn).
  • “Getting stuck’ on tasks and had difficulty changing to another task.
  • Confusing similar sounding words, misinterpreting questions or requests.
  • Have difficulty reading, especially aloud.
  • Stumble over words; your speech lacked fluency, and rhythm was hesitant.

As an adult……

  • Did or do you dislikes textures on your hands?
  • Did or do you still not like walking bare foot on grass/sand or other coarse textures?
  • Do you dislike or find it overwhelming when back ground noises are occurring?
  • Did or do you frequently rub your skin when exposed to light touch?
  • Were you or are you distressed by certain tastes and textures of food?
  • Have you ever refused to eat food due to excessive smell?
  • Did or do you have difficulty tolerating bright lights?
  • Did or did you experience motion sickness?
  • Did or do you still avoid roller coasters or fast moving park rides that spin or go upside down?
  • Did or do you dislike trying new physical activities?
  • Did or do you prefer sedentary activities (computer games, knitting, sewing, reading)?
  • Did you or are you someone who needs constant movement?
  • Are you someone who likes fast and intense rides?
  • Do you like music excessively loud?
  • Did you or do you find it difficult to cope in an environment where your ability to move has been restricted?
  • Are you a person that likes to take excessive risks during fun activities?
  • Do you or did you grind your teeth?
  • Were you or are you still a person that finds it hard to stop talking?
  • Did you or do you use excessive force when walking, shutting doors or putting objects down?
  • Did you or do you find it difficult to get organised?
  • Did you or do you have difficulty with transitions?
  • Did you or do you have difficulty processing auditory input?
  • Did you or do you find it difficult to concentrate?
  • Did you or do you have problems with sleep regulation and/or anxiety?

If any of these difficulties apply to you then please do not hesitate to contact our office manage Sara Hills at or call us on 01325 254688

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