AWARE Programme for Parents and Carers

Advocating Wellbeing, Awareness, Reflection and Education for Parents and Carers of young people with a range of physical health conditions.

Parent Carer Programme

The AWARE Programme, when delivered at Future Steps Consultancy, is part of our Social Enterprise and is free of charge. Managing Director, Julie Davis, wants to ensure that Future Steps is able to provide a service for the whole family and it is through her vision that the AWARE Programme for parents and carers came to be.

The 7 week programme was developed to support parents and carers, as Managing Director, Julie, recognised the very significant strain that families can experience when a child is struggling with difficulties such as Autism, SPD and others.

The AWARE Programme is focused on the improvement of wellbeing and self care, whilst also providing a safe and confidential place for parents and carers to meet others experiencing similar challenges. The programme will also include masterclasses, delivered by a specialist occupational therapist, highlighting helpful interventions and strategies to assist with managing some challenging behaviours a child may have.



The initial AWARE Programme will be running at Future Steps Consultancy, Darlington between 5-7 pm on the following dates:

27th April, 4th May, 11th May, 25th May, 8th and 15th June. 

Use the contact form below, call 01325 254 688 or email to find out more.

Parent Carer Support

Parent and Carer AWARE Programme: The aims and objectives


  • Improve parental/carer personal wellbeing and reduce distress by increasing self and interpersonal awareness.
  • Provide confidential and safe place to allow time for reflection and education about the difficulties faced by their child/children and how to most effectively manage them.
  • Reduce parental/carer sense of isolation and potential stigma associated with difficulties experienced by their child/children.


  • Delivery of  a parent/carer programme, consisting of  7 x 2 hour weekly course
  • Introduce parents and carers to the theory and practise of Mindfulness, encouraging here and now practise to improve wellbeing and self-care
  • Introduce parents to core concepts of Transactional Analysis to help understand theory of personality and interpersonal communication identifying helpful and unhelpful communication
  • Delivery of weekly Masterclass by OT specialist providing education and effective ‘how to’ interventions to assist in management of difficult behaviours
  • Provide opportunity and support for parents/carers to share their frustrations and successes with other like-minded peers.
  • Evaluation of course effectiveness via pre and post course self-report questionnaires focusing on mental health and wellbeing


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