Mission and Philosophy of Future Steps Occupational Therapy

occupational therapy

 Striving Therapeutically for Educational Progress and future Success


With regards to children’s services Future Steps Consultancy Service adheres to the purposes for which the Children’s Act 2004 was revised and granted:

“We are all working together to improve the lives of children, young people and their families. We are determined to make a step-change in the quality, accessibility and coherence of services so that every child and young person is able to fulfil their potential and those facing particular obstacles are supported to overcome them”

Future Steps Consultancy Service is a unique occupational therapy service that strives to create therapeutic success, to support and treat children and to open the minds of educators to that knowledge and understanding, enabling children to take best advantage of their educational opportunities and to progress and attain in childhood and to become a productive adult in a wider community and for adults to over come difficulties and achieve future success.

Highest Quality Occupational Therapy Treatment

Future Steps promises to deliver the best occupational therapy treatment for each individual, therapeutically assisting with educational progress and future success, whether this is a self-referred adult, a child in a motor skills group within an education organisation or a child receiving therapy within the Future Steps clinic. To this end, Future Steps Consultancy supports children, young people and adults providing a variety of packages, developed by years of clinical experience and expertise. Programmes have been tailored to ensure the child’s educational stages are met and adults needs are also met.

Having the fullest and most extensive knowledge of Occupational Therapy

Future Steps strives to know as much as we can about occupational therapy, so that we can continue to provide, high quality personalised treatments that work towards an individual’s educational progress and/or future success. With regards to children, Future Steps champions the understanding that it is vital to develop the motor and sensory systems of children to provide the building blocks that will become the basis for more complex development. As visual perception, emotional growth, academic learning and behaviour are all dependent upon the sensory motor foundation stages.

Providing peace of mind

Future Steps aims to provide understanding for adults, allowing for them to overcome their difficulty and removing the negative stigma that can surround adults with learning difficulties. Future Steps also intends to inform parents, carers and educational providers the features of a child difficulty and how and why the difficulties occur, bettering the understanding with regards to supporting the child and assisting upon their journey towards educational progress and future success. Future Steps seeks to identify and to remove restraints on adults in their daily lives and from children’s full participation in school, so that individuals may explore their capabilities and interests and may develop their full intellectual and human potential.

Offering support and assistance

Future Steps Consultancy is aware of the difficulties faced by adults attempting to overcome their own difficulties, as well as parents and educators, whose difficulties lay in understanding why a child exerts negative behaviour and also how to guide a child away from this negative behaviour. Though training, home and school programmes, in and out of school assessments, assessments performed on evenings and weekends, telephone and email support Future Steps Consultancy aims to offer  to provide support, guidance and training for parents, carers and educators close to the individual in treatment. Working with Future Steps will liberate adults, young people and children, as well as their carers, parents and educators to progress, attain, explore, to create, to challenge, and to succeed. The support provides parents, carers and educators a foundation upon which achievement, growth and habits to support lifelong learning are built.

Policies and Procedures

Future Steps would like to state that any client is more than welcome to request copies of any of Future Steps policies and procedures from our handbook.