Meet Our Occupational Therapy Team

Julie Davis BHSc COT – Managing Director of Future Steps Children’s Occupational Therapy Service

Trained at The University of Ripon & York St John

I have worked in health and the private sector for over 24 years. During my working career I have developed and had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings; initially in the NHS where I established an Occupational Therapy service for children. At this time I was able to engage in my SI training and go on various courses to provide myself with the expertise to assess and treat children. I then co-owned a private occupational service within Newton Aycliffe until early 2014. I now am the sole owner of Future Steps Consultancy. I have recently completed Level 2 Intensive Mentorship: Hands-On Advanced Treatment’ at the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder… Read More









Lynn Mitchell BA (Hons) BSc (Hons)

My first degree, BA (Hons) in Exercise and Health Studies from Waterford Institute of Technology gave me a strong foundation for my Bsc (Hons) Occupational Therapy degree, from which I graduated from Northumbria University in 2013. I began my career in a private practice and secured my position at Future Steps in July of 2014. I am extremely excited to be part of an organisation that links so closely with education and am passionate about working with other professionals, with the child being the centre focus. I am constantly developing in my role and look forward to a diverse and fulfilling future at Future Steps.









 Angela Molnar BSc (Hons)

I have worked within the NHS for many years gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the field of paediatrics. I have worked predominantly with DCD, sensory processing difficulties, special and complex cases which have involved a range of theoretical approaches, postural management, minor adaptations within schools, specialist equipment, as well as moving and handling.

I am committed to continuing my professional development and have recently gained a PGcert within Sensory Integration which allows me to assess and treat children using a sensory approach. I am looking forward to working with the team and the new challenges that this will bring and am thankful that I can continue to work with children and make a positive difference.








Ruth Davies


Whilst studying for my initial degree in psychology I worked part time as a support worker. This is where I discovered my passion for working with children and adults with additional needs. I then went on to work in an independent living setting supporting adults with autism, it is here that I discovered occupational therapy and the amazing impact it has on people’s lives. I applied for the Masters at Northumbria University where I studied for 2 years. Whilst studying I worked as a teaching assistant in a number of special educational needs schools and supported a young girl with cerebral palsy. I completed my course in March 2016 and was successfully chosen to be part of the Future Steps Consultancy team. I am overjoyed to be part of such a special services that really makes the difference in the lives of many children and their families. I look forward to developing in this role and working closely with the local schools and children that attend future steps.





Kate Smurthwaite

DurOccupational Therapist Kateing my career I have held various administration support roles for local government children’s and adults services. Whilst working in these roles I discovered my passion for the profession of Occupational Therapy. In 2013, I commenced the undergraduate degree course in Occupational Therapy at Teesside University. During my time studying I developed a particular interest in the area of paediatric practice. In April 2016, I secured my first occupational therapy role with Future Steps consultancy team. I am excited to be part of such an innovative Occupational Therapy service that makes a positive difference in children’s lives. I look forward to developing my professional skills in this specialist area of practice.







Heather Merson

Occupational Therapy assistant HeatherI spent the three years gaining valuable experience as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, working for the NHS in Adult Services. Wanting to further my knowledge and skillset I then studied at Darlington College, for a level 3 diploma in Health and Social Care. I have recently completed the course achieving distinctions overall.

Having joined Future Steps as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in April 2016, I now look forward to developing my skills further, by being part of such a forward thinking organisation, which is so passionate about children’s development though therapy.








Kate Smith

katie S - occupational therapy team

Since completing my degree, BSc Forensic Psychology I have developed great enthusiasm to work with individuals with complex needs following employment in EBD and ASD schools. During this time I completed PGcert Speech and Language Difficulties but then developed knowledge and passion for the Occupational Therapy profession. Since completing MSc OT in Jan 2011 I have worked with adults with Learning Disabilities and comorbid mental health conditions as well as children with severe and complex needs this included leading a Behavioural Intervention Team. I have a range of clinical experience regarding assessment and treatment within a special school environment using approaches such as Sensory Integration, Intensive Interaction and Positive Behaviour Support. I joined Future Steps in September 2016 and look forward to further developing my role as well as making a positive impact on the children’s and their families lives







Emma Davies

Emma Davies occupational therapy team













Carolyn McTimoney BSc (Hons)

I graduated from York St John with my degree in 2003. I worked within both adult and paediatric specialist services. Having retired as an occupational therapist I am excited to work in support of a service that works with education collaboratively to gain the best outcomes for the individual child.













Cath Goodwin

Cath GoodwinI joined the Future Steps team to provide parents and carers with much needed support and understanding about the level of distress and sense of isolation that can be experiences due to the difficulties their child is trying to cope with.

My interest in parent and carer support is both personal and professional – as a parent involved in the past in carer support groups and professional as a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor with post graduate qualifications in Integrative Psychotherapy, I have experienced first-hand the often bewildering and at times extremely frustrating task of trying to ensure that your child is receiving the best care possible, at the same time as coping with what can be very difficult behaviours that impact the whole family and beyond.

The development of a 7 week programme, AWARE, to support and education parents and carers has now been finalised and I look forward to working with you to provide tools to improve personal wellbeing, awareness and resilience.






Meet Our Office Team

Lucy Douglas BA (Hons) – Development Lead and Executive Assistant to Managing Director

Having recently graduated from Northumbria University, I feel so lucky and excited to be given the opportunity to work within such a worthwhile organisation, that really changes lives for the better.













Ginny Gannaway BMedSci – Junior Devlopment and Processing Adminstrator