School Training – Case Studies

School : Cockerton Church of England SchoolSchool Cockerton

School Staff Member: Mrs Tracy Heaton
Training Course: Handwriting and Perception

Why did you decide to attend the course?
I totally believe in the intervention provided by Future Steps Consultancy – The motor skills programme is about to start in our school! I am now even more excited for our Motor Skills Teacher Training in September!  The Handwriting and Perception training was actually suggested by the school Special Educational Needs Coordinator

How did you feel the course leader, Julie Davis, presented the training course?
Julie’s passion is completely contagious. Julie put us in the position of the child. This helped us to understand that when it comes to poor handwriting, there are a lot of contributing factors to their struggle. Nothing was too much trouble for Julie. The course reminded me that learning in school should be interesting, fun, exciting and engaging for students and teachers! It was a real injection of excitement in to teaching!

How did you feel after the course?
I felt revitalised. I was inspired after the course and excited to get back to school and implement what I had learnt!

What next?
I would love to attend another training course! I would also like our school to have more equipment, in order for us to implement more Future Steps strategies in school.